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Roads & Transport - Update Report 08
01.02.2013 - Update Report 08 - Forest Green Road Speed Limit

Forest Green Road - speed limit reduction ongoing
(Piece in Winter 2013 Newsletter)

We are given to understand that the RBWM Cabinet will be revisiting this case in January. They have been monitoring the speed of vehicles over the last few months and will be voting on the matter imminently. We can only cross our fingers and hope that common sense prevails !

That was written at the start of the New Year when we still really did have hopes that common sense might prevail. The RBWM cabinet have now voted on the issue. There is to be a reduction, but only to 50 mph. We still believe that this is not sufficient and that Oakley Green Road's 40 mph should be extended along the whole length of Forest Green Road. Click on the link below to see the Traffic and Road Safety report on which the decision was based.

RBWM Forest Green Road Speed Limit Report