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Roads & Transport - Update Report 09
30.04.2013 - Update Report 09 - Letter from Nicola Quincey re School Parking

Letís work together to ease the congestion

Hello. I am Nicola and I live in Oakley Green. I am also a school parent - my eldest son currently goes to Braywood School and I have two others I hope will follow.

Parking outside of Braywood School remains an area of concern for many local residents and parents and as I have a foot in both camps, an understanding of the issues for all concerned and the support of the head teacher, Susan Calvert, I have volunteered to act as a liaison between the school and the local community.

I am here to listen to and help any residents who have concerns, issues, thoughts or ideas relating to parking outside the school during drop-off and pick-up times so please feel free to speak with me if you see me.

You can also email me.

The school is keen to carry on doing as much as possible to help reduce the congestion in the mornings and afternoons and initiatives such as staggered start and finish times, kiss and drop etc. really do help. Hopefully the newly painted double yellow lines will also have a positive impact.

From September 2013, the school plans to introduce a code of conduct for all parents who drive to and from school. This code of conduct, which will ask parents to observe a number of sensible and considerate driving and parking practices, is being put together now and over the last couple of months another school parent, Michael Wadley, and I have been canvassing the views of those living close to the school.

We have been gathering your ideas on what you think should go into that code of conduct. So thank you to all of you who have kindly provided feedback so far.

If we have not had an opportunity to talk to you yet and you would like to contribute please do get in touch via email at the address above. If you would like to speak with me please include a phone number for me to call. In fact I would like to hear from anybody connected with the school and the community on their ideas about parent parking.

I really look forward to hearing your views.

Nicola Quincey