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Roads & Transport - Update Report 10
16.10.2013 - Update Report 10 - Braywood School Expansion – Consultation Exercise

Braywood School Expansion – Consultation Exercise

Along with Residents who live close to the School on Oakley Green Road, OGAFCA was contacted by RBWM’s Education Department as part of a local Consultation exercise about a Proposal to expand the School’s Published Admission Number from 25 to 30 Pupils per Class. Across the 5 Class years, this would raise the School’s total capacity from 125 to 150 Pupils from September 2014.

Letter and Consultation Response Form from Ben Wright – Education Planning Officer for RBWM.

The closing date for responses is Friday October 18, 2013.

The OGAFCA Committee discussed this at their last Meeting on Thursday October 10 and are minded to raise concerns about the impact the proposal will have on Traffic and Parking, especially during School Drop Off and Pick Up times. But before we respond, we are consulting with local Residents first. If we decide to respond, we will post the response here and of course continue to monitor events and report back here.

If you want to see the School’s new Community Charter, “Code of Conduct for Drivers”, information about recent building works and dates for upcoming Events, visit their new Website