Oakley Green, Fifield and District Community Association Ltd
Roads & Transport - Update Report 13
26.11.2018 - Update Report 13 HGV TRAFFIC ON OAKLEY GREEN ROAD
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Since the introduction of the 7.5 ton ban on the A330 Holyport Road, traffic on the Oakley Green Road has suffered a significant increase in the number of heavy lorries.

We believe the Oakley Green Road is totally unsuitable for Heavy Goods traffic and we intend to prove it.

The road is narrow and winding, there are places where lorries have difficulty passing one another. Residents have witnessed lorries mounting the footway.

It is used by cyclists in ever increasing numbers, horse riders, pedestrians walking dogs or walking children to school. The footways are narrow and, in some parts, non-existent. There is a primary school on the road which causes traffic delays at the best of times and the constant stream of lorries puts these children in danger as they arrive at or leave the school.

We have three aims

To introduce a 7.5 ton ban
To reduce the speed limit to 30mph
To improve the safety of the footways.

If we are to do this, we need help from residents. We need reports of any damage to property, vehicles or the road (drains etc). Photographic evidence would be excellent. Please contact us via the button below or Barbara Frame or click the button above to view the leaflet, PRINT it, complete the form, and return it to OGAFCA.