Oakley Green, Fifield and District Community Association Ltd
Drainage update 21 - 12.05.2015

The drainage situation is really in pause mode at the moment while we wait for the results and recommendations of the consultants appointed by Streetcare. I have to admit that I have been guilty of not helping the process along as I should have. At our meeting with the consultants in early February I undertook to provide information on ditches and pipes that were not appearing in the data they had available to them at that time. It is actually a larger task than I thought and a lot of other stuff has been constantly cropping up to get in the way. I have actually started on this and have assembled a single detailed base map of our area from 6 supplied by the consultants - but adding the data as overlays is proving time consuming. I had aimed to have this completed and delivered by the end of April. Although a couple of weeks late I have now finally completed it and delivered to the Consultants. You can view it here - use the layers in Acrobat Reader to switch items off and on.

Additional Wet Spot ?
- An Oakley Green Road resident has pointed out that in the past there has been a flooding problem along the southern side of the road flowing west and then down the slope opposite the chapel and the school towards the low spot at the Cricket Ground. Until now no residents have come forward to describe this or highlight it. So it is not on our list of 9 "wet spots" and therefore has not formed the basis of any study or report. If any residents living along this stretch of road are aware of this and can describe what happens we would be very grateful if they contact us using the button below or phone 01628 784441 to arrange a convenient time for a site visit.

A drainage summary and status of all 9 current wet spots is available here and is regularly updated.

Finally, I would like to emphasize yet again that we urgently need someone to step forward to take on this drainage role. There is still much useful work to be done but I think that 6 years is really quite enough and at the 2015 AGM in september I will step down whether anyone else has come forward or not. Obviously I very much hope that someone with more youthful vigour picks up the baton long before then !

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