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Wet Spot 08 - 04.03.2020

8 - Fifield Road just south of Coningsby Lane     9 "Wetspots" report 2020     Photos 2014

A culvert passes under the road between Willow Creek and what used to be the old Chapel. Most of the water moving up from the south trying to get to the Thames arrives at this point. Consequently it causes major flooding and as yet we have managed to achieve absolutely nothing that might improve the situation.

In fact it is very difficult to see how the onward flow from this point could be expanded to reduce the back-up. The route from what used to be the pond under the road via the culvert and then the constrained channel behind the old chapel and the Old Cottage to the culvert under Manor Grove and onwards cannot realistically be expanded.

When the rain stops and levels begin to drop excess water now clears pretty speedily, much more quickly than it ever used to. So we will be looking more closely at the possibility of delaying the arrival of all this water and spreading the flow over a longer period of time at a slower pace. This of course will require discussions with various landowners and we can hardly expect them to be keen on the idea of donating land to become wet season sumps !

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