9 Wet Spots 2020
Where are we after 11 years ?
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3 Braywood Lodge - Oakley Green Road
In 2011 volunteers cleared the ditches at (A) and Streetcare arranged jetting of pipes under the roadside verge at (B).

As far as we were able to tell this improved the situation and we thought we were safe to give a tick to this “wet spot”.

Unfortunately the resident informed us at an open meeting in February 2014 that the problem is not resolved and that there had once more been a lot of water on the driveway. So this “wet spot” was returned to Amber status.

Streetcare promised that the pipework running parallel with the road in the vicinity of Braywood Lodge would again be checked and cleaned. This is unlikely to remove the problem completely so at the next heavy rainfall event the site should be monitored and it may be necessary to recommend land drainage piping at (C).

In March 2020 we have not received any reports of recurrence and will request an update from the landowner as soon as possible.